ChipworkX freezes upon calling StartCDC_WithDebugging()

I’m trying to implement USB connection between ChipworkX and PC. I would also like to be able to use the same cable for debugging. I’ve read around and the solution I’ve found is

USBC_CDC cdcPort = SBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();

Using that the computer recognizes the virtual COM port, also the debugging interface. All the drivers are installed and they seem to be working fine. I can deploy with no problem. When I try to debug, however, the whole device freezes upon calling the StartCDC_WithDebugging() method. I tested the virtual COM port communication and it works fine as long as I’m not debugging. So my question is, is it possible to use the virtual COM port and debugging at the same time? And if it is, what am I doing wrong? Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you CDC drivers installed?

This thread might help:

I’ve checked that thread and the drivers are installed and they seem to work fine.
The problem is in order to debug, I need to disable the StartCDC_WithDebugging() call. Without disabling that I can only deploy.
Also the virtual COM communication works fine - I can receive/send data to/from the device (as long as I’m not debugging).

I thought this is not supported on ChipworkX but I am not sure. I will forward this on for more details.

This is mentioned in the documentation already. Call the function, then pause visual studio then resume.

Thanks for the clarification. I couldn’t find (still can’t) any info on the problem in the documentation.
Is that the only workaround?

Please try what is described under CDC Plus USB NETMF Interface.

Thanks for the help!