Chipworkx Enclosure

So it looks like I will be able to create my project and have it work, but how can I enclose my Chipworkx Development System? I thought I saw one years ago in the product section for GHI, but I don’t see it now.
Does anyone else have any suggestions? I am going to mount this somewhere in my house to control my TV, show calendar, temperature, and whatever else I dream up. Am I on my own to enclose this?


The one with enclosure is FEZ Cobra

Try ShapeLock. Easily moldable, safe to work with can painted, dyed and is pretty darn affordable too.

Skewworks has a good idea there. Shapelock would probably be your best bet, unless you manually plotted the mounting holes (and removed the plastic stand offs) and cut a custom case out of plexiglass. you could use Ponoko or the like for the custom machining.

I was thinking you’d probably want to fire up solidworks, autocad or google sketchup and design an enclosure, then get it 3d printed (Ponoko do this) with some form of laser sintering. This is a very cheap solution for a one-off or low volume casing and you get it exactly as you need it :slight_smile:

You might try asking around at a local hackerspace if you have one, and seeing if they can do 3d printing once you’ve done the solidworks/ 3d modelling work, if you don’t want to try someone like Ponoko

InstaMorph is similar to Shapelock