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ChipworkX Development System Case


Finished my “case” for ChipworkX.

More info and files are on Wiki:


Looking nice! But ain’t it hard to have cables connected to the headers?


good one :slight_smile: 200 points



I haven’t tried it yet, but header cutouts should have enough space. Both plates can go lower as well, just need to cut the spacers and make battery hole a little bit bigger.

This is a first attempt, so I will see how it goes and may be will do another one if i have to.


Thanks man! 8)


Stay tuned for another case for Panda. :smiley:


Ok cool, thanks for the info.
Love the way you cut it. No fancy stuff. Just you, plexi and a saw. :smiley:


Thank you Robert.

I really enjoy doing it.
Cuts are not perfect with the scroll saw, but it makes it “unique” :D.


Here it is: