ChipworkX™ Development System and WiFi

I was thinking of getting the ChipworkX™ Development System and I would like a bit more info…

Can I use my Xbee series 1 and 2 (AND my WiFi RS21

I would thinks so but I’m often wrong when ‘thinking’ ]:>)

I don’t see why not.

You should be fine


I realize that the system board has a XBee Socket but I was not sure how the WiFi RS21 fit in
as to drivers and whatever…

You will need to wire in the wifi module. Can you explain more on what you are trying to accomplish so we can give you better ideas on how to get there?

Thanks for the reply.

No problem…
I was only ‘asking’ in general if the WiFi module would/should work on the board.

By the way, I ordered the ChipworkX system today…

I have this one, does it only support GHI NETMF v4.1?

Yes 4.1 only