ChipworkX / D400 presence detection

Hey guys,
Is there any I/O pin on the ChipworkX / D400 modules that has a default 0 or 1 value and can be used as module detection?
The point is that we need to use one pin signal BEFORE we put our own software on top.

In order to clear the problem, I will describe a little the concept:
We have multiprocessor system (2 processors) and one USB device connector. We use a USB switch IC to control the direction of the USB data. The direction is controlled by extra pin. By default the direction is towards the first processor and we want to make sure that in the moment the ChipworkX / D400 is connected, it will be detected and the USB data will be transmitted towards the CWX, so we will be able to program it with our own SW.

You can use one of the power pins out ground pins.

Thanks Gus,
I thought you are supposed to bring VCC and GND to all pins specified with these names.
It is implemented now :slight_smile: