ChipworkX communicating with other NETMF device


We are developing on ChipworkX. What the project requires now is to transfer bytes from ChipworkX to another NETMF device (in this case Fez Panda). The communication also needs to be two way - the ChipworkX is going to be sending most of the data to the Panda, but the Panda also needs to send some data back.
The idea we have right now is using SPI bus for the communication. The problem is the nature of SPI protocol - one of the device is supposed to be master, the other one - slave. This doesn’t seem to work in our case as both devices need to send and receive data.
The other idea is using UART, but as far as we know it is much slower than the SPI.

So, can anyone give us some kind of hint? Some better idea maybe for implementing the communication.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How many data are we talking about here?

Well, if you are asking about the actual size of data to be transfered, that is not exactly known yet. But ChipworkX will be sending at least 500KB to the Panda and several bytes will be sent from the Panda.

Definatly use uart

I would suggest UART too. you can either use it wired or wireless. (or both?)

Thanks a lot for the responses :slight_smile:
We’ll go with UART then.

Good, if you have any questions left, feel free to ask. We are here (almost) all the time :smiley:

Hello I am interest in the SPI port2 communication between ChipworkX modul and a dsPIC30F4013 from MicroChip.
I will us the dsPIC for real-time measurement like analoge inputs 12bits or puls counts.
Is there C# example program how to communicate with SPI interface / device. Thanks

Maybe the sourcecodes of some projects @ fezzer could help you getting started?

Not sure what code you need! This is very simple. Use SPI to transfer data from chipworkx (master) and do the same on your pic (slave)

I recommend using UART. This is the better option for NETMF device

Hello, what I mean is that the ChipWorkX communicate with a dsPic controller so fast as possible,
End of this project ChipWorkX communicate must communicate with 4 dsPIC processors.
Is SPI communication not the fast and reliable interface? Or is there something wrong with the SPI .

SPI is fast and reliable but it is master/slave and ChipworkX can only be SPI master not slave. UART is full duplex and can send both ways anytime you like.