ChipworkX Broken Capacitor

I have a new ChipworkX board that has the C18 capacitor broken off, see picture.
I can’t say if the board came with the cap broken off or not. My question is what is the value of the capacitor so that i can replace it?

It appears that it is 22pF

See attached image


It won’t be that one. That’s on the development board and AndreM was showing what looks like the ChipworkX module itself as you can see the locating half hole on the the edge of PCB.

@ andrem. If you have soldeing equipment and only this one board is damaged and GHI can give you the value and you can get the part, you could repair it yourself :slight_smile:

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Wahu … write some crap, delete the post, earning 10 points :slight_smile:

@ willgeorge - it looks like that the photo is of the chipworkx module and not the development board. I assume you mentioned C18 from the development board.

Sorry, Dave already mentioned that.