Chipworkx always starting with static IP

I’m working with the chipworkx module, with DHCP.
In my application I’m using enableDHCP(), to ensure dynamic network settings after starting my application.
It works fine - no problems any more. In my network I’m getting the IP

But trying to deploy my application (hex-file) with MFDeploy via network to the chipworkx module, fails very often. I saw that after rebooting, IP is changed to for a short time. Checking the network settings with MFDeploy shows, that this IP ( is set as static IP, but can’t be changed, because of the active DHCP mode.

Why does the module always start with the static IP?

I believe that was done so the ChipworkX could always boot fast (and not rely on a DHCP server). I have a DHCP option in my software, but it is saved to a configuration file and I check it after the program loads and if it is set for DHCP then I enable DHCP and try to get an IP address and so on.

I would say for deploying via network you probably want to use a static IP address. I’ve only deployed via USB though.

I still have the problem with updating my chipworkx module via ehternet with DHCP settings. My IP range ist from to Normally the chipworkx gets the

Using MFDeploy and rebooting (Debug - Reboot CLR) or updating my application leads both to a restart and the IP At this point firmware update stopps. It’s always the same IP. How can I change this behaviour?

Not sure what you mean but GHI purposely disables DHCP on power up. Enable DHCP in your application if needed.

I know that DHCP is disabled on power up. But enabling it in my application and trying to make an application update with MFDeploy always fails.
Is there a way to make an update with enabled DHCP?

Mfdeploy? What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to deploy my application (in form of an hex-file) to the chipworkx module with mfdeploy.

You can’t load “application deployment” from MFDeploy using Ethernet. But, premium offers have in-field update feature so you can actually automate your update and even use Ethernet.

Of course, I can - I’m doing it several times and it always works when using static ip. It won’t work, when using DHCP.
Don’t you agree?

Gus i think he means DEBUGGING …

Then I am not understanding the problem.

He wants to know why he can use MFDeploy to deploy via Ethernet with a static address, while it does not work with DHCP,
The fact that you told him, in port #3, that DHCP is disabled on boot does not seem to matter.

@ Mike - Yes but what really confuses me is that whenever MFDeploy is used to transfer files, the system switches to TinyBooter. And we never supported Ethernet on TinyBooter IIRC. So how did it ever work?!!!

But you are right Mike, there is NO DHCP on power up no matter what you do. Device will always use the static IP it has.