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ChipworksX forum


I know this site is mainly for the FEZ series, but I do know a number of people who have ChipworksX units that hang around here.

Can we have a ChipworksX forum in addition to all the other device forums (Panda, Domino, Cobra, etc)?


There’s already one on the main GHI site…


I know there is one there, but I’d like one here.

For one, I think TinyCLR is more active than the GHI Electronics forum.


I have suggested this to the team


Chris, since when do you have a chipworkx? ;D


Since about three days ago… I needed a very high powered platform for RWAR. I don’t think the FEZ or the current Netduinos could keep up with the GPS parsing and control theory code.


I too have a ChipWorkX (arriving monday). I’ll be building some games and such on it which should work on the Cobra too (which i don’t have) and once we get the graphics LCD pcb’s - i’ll try to port them to Domino/Panda XD.

I’d welcome a ChipworkX forum here. Perhap the forums could be linked? So posting in one here would be the same as posting in one on the GHI site? I assume the forums are using the same code?


I’m getting one too … But I can’t talk about the project just yet. A Chipworkx forum is a great idea.