ChipWorksX boot problems


We have made our own breakout board for a ChipWorksX module based on the development system that you offer. I am having the problem of not being able to boot the module on the custom board. The OI pins go high like on the development board but it never gets past this point. The board is very similar to the development V1.5 board except we have dropped a few features; MP3 (speakers, 1.8V), level shifter, touch interface, one usb host port, accelerometer and LCD backlight is on separate board. The rest is as in the ChipWorkX Development System V1.5 schematic. I have noticed that the reset pin (NRST) is low when power is applied, however this appears to be caused by the Module being inserted as it is at 3.3V when the module is removed. Are there any common causes that I should be aware of that would result in this behaviour?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Use the development system to test the module and to compare to your board.

The module works fine on the development board. Am I correct in assuming that all the module needs it a 3.3V power supply to boot?