Chinese Translation in Progress

Chapter 0 is done. Now doing Chapter 1: Getting Started. Half done.

I will update my progress here as long as I have some.

p.s.: China is a very special market. My advise is to get a reseller there…

UPDATE: Looks like there isn’t a template project called “Console Application” anymore…

You are my hero for doing this! I will email you privatively to see how we can help.

Chapter 1 is done.

Dear terrorgen:
I think I can help you for Chinese Translation.
Do you translate simple Chinese or traditional Chinese?
Do you have an email or msn, we can talk about this.

And yes, China is a big market. I am in Taiwan, there are also few knowing the .Net MF. I am also thinking to write a book for promoting that. Maybe the FEZ�s Beginners E-Book is a good starting point.

We have a Chinese group for studying and promoting the .NET MF in China.

Our leader (fangyuan) is a Microsoft�s staff member in China.(.Net MF Team)
He is the most important person for promoting .Net MF in china.
He did many MF projects about applications and porting MF.
I always show the information of GHI and FEZs to him.
He is interesting in acting as an agent to sell GHI�s products in China or cooperating with GHI. In China if you search.Net MF, you always link to his websites for reference.
Because his English is not very well (I am not also), he asks me to post his opinion here.
His mail is emails removed by admin
Thank you very much.


yefan, yes I know this person. I go to his blog once in a while. He is the one who developed TinyGUI, a small GUI library (<2k) that works better than WPF in embedded systems. We should have that library here.

I am familiar with different terminologies used between the mainland and Taiwan (ex. 软件 vs 軟體 for software). However, I am translating it in Simplified Chinese since Gus said they are focusing on mainland’s market. Maybe we should focus on Simplified Chinese first, when it’s finished, then we can do Traditional Chinese.

For partnership with GHI, we will leave it with Gus. :smiley:

Dear terrorgen:
How can I contact you? In Chat room?
I think we can do it synchronously.
After you finish a Chapter, you send it to me or put on wiki, and then I can translate to Traditional Chinese. So you don’t do it twice. How do you feel about that?


PS. Why there is no any option for replying me by email if anyone responses this topic?

I removed the emails to keep spammers away but let me know if you need me to forward contact info

I got them though…

When I was doing C# Level 1 and the previous chapters I found that some information are just outdated (like right now I am encountering the usage of different assemblies for different hardwares, they are not named the same anymore).

Should anyone fix it?

ADD: and some typos too…

That is the beauty of Wiki.Anyone can edit/correct the content. If you think there is an error just edit it. ;D

Can you point out the outdated info please. I want to make sure the fixes are correct

If you see minor types then feel free to just fix them. Sam has been doing that and he is translating the Tahi book

He mean Thai book :smiley: :smiley:

for example: in C Sharp Level 1, the namespaces for the hardwares are not valid anymore:

FEZDomino_GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ. [/quote]
I am not sure about the typos. Seems to me that someone has been correcting them after I copied them to the Chinese category.

@ Sam: Sawadika!

You mean here?

The book is correct. These are the right name for “assemblies”. It doesn’t list those as namespaces.

Let me know if I am missing something please

Who taught you that? He/she deserved a punishment!! ???
Unless you are female!

Male say: Sawadiklup.
Female say: Sawadika.

@ Gus: Oooo… yeah you are right… my bad…

another one:
the New Project Window doesnt look like that anymore, and we dont choose console application to start a new FEZ project.

@ Sam: In Malaysia we only know Sawadika… so… Sawadiklup!


You have messed up English “Wireless” page of the book. ;D

I leave it to you to fix this so you can move your text over to the new page.

Sorry!!! :-[

Fixed! :wink:

It is easy to revert pages so do not worry about it. Let me know if you need help