Check the implementation of the test examples glide

where should i copy this code in order to run and test it, using default compiler?

sorry,I did not notice.
in the documentation section is nothing written

i added GLIDE to the project and it stopped compiling properly.
console application closes right after it is being started

I set a breakpoint, but the program does not stop it immediately closes the compilation. If remove the library GLIDE, all ok

Assembly: GHI.Glide ( needs assembly ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware’ (

Error: a3000000

This means that the GLIDE build is not the same as your target build.

Which version are you building your code with?

If you have the source for GLIDE, you can open it and rebuild with the same version as your target.

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thank you very much for the explanation.
I set. Net Micro Framework 4.2 (was 4.3) and began to work

I have a 4.3 version so it can be rebuild with 4.3 if you have the source.