Character Display Module - 3v3 or 5v?

Question on the proper supply voltage for the Character Display module. The socket diagram on the overview tab on the product listing page indicates that pin 1 is 3V3, but appears to list pin 2 (5v) as unconnected. The specifications tab, meanwhile, lists the power consumption as 0 @ 3.3 V, 30 @ 5 V mA, which suggests that 5v is required.

I was testing this module with mBuino via a breakout, and was unable to get it to work on 3V3 supply, but works fine under 5V (via external power supply…mBuino does not provide enough current to run the display from the 5V pin, it would appear).

I’m assuming from the available info that the Character Display module runs on the 5V line, but the socket diagram suggests 3V3. Can someone from GHI confirm that it’s 5V, and if so, can you correct the diagram to indicate the proper 5V connection?

It safe to assume that it runs of 5V.

That was my assumption…would be nice if the socket diagram accurately reflected that. :wink:

Yeah, schematics doesn’t show that as well. GadgeteerHardware.xml also suggest it uses 5V only.

        <PowerRequirements Voltage="3.3">
        <PowerRequirements Voltage="5.0">

@ Architect, devhammer - I will be running some tests to clarify and verify the proper power connections.

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Thanks, Aron!

FYI, although it’s discontinued, the socket diagram for the HD44780 module has the same issue, and since they’re both HD44780-based displays, I’m guessing the power situation would be the same. So might make sense to check them both and update as needed.

@ devhammer - We will review all of the modules to ensure the most accurate socket listing information.