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Ideas that merge Android + a FEZ are sure to win :slight_smile:

Has anyone successfully communicated with an Android via the BT module yet?

Doesn’t ICS support USB now? So that could be another way to connect.

@ ianlee74 - Yeah the bluetooth module can pair w/ an Android & iPhone no problem.

Cool. I don’t recall any CodeShare posts on this yet. I’m new to Android and BT. If you have a simple example of the Android + NETMF code to do this it would be a great time saver.

For giggles I paired my Hydra/Gadgeteer/Bluetooth module to SWMBO’s Andriod tablet, and was pumping data out of Hydra into the tablet. That was totally transparent to the Gadgeteer app. i just found a simple and free SPP app in the marketplace that showed me the data.

I have a Windows app under development that is currently my target interface for managing the data, and I have no skillz in Android development (nor desire / time to learn) so I’m sticking with the Win app. My use-case is basically a one-way data logger so there’s no command and control needed from the Fez end, if there’s a paired device pump some data to it.

I’ve just posted a minimal bluetooth module example, that demonstrates this.

@ Brett - thanks. The Gadgeteer code looks like I expected. My bigger concern is regarding the Android side. I’ve got to build an Android app sometime in the next two months that will send & receive commands from Gadgeteer. I’ve never written any Android code. I thought if someone had already worked up on example from both sides that would be nice to have. Otherwise, I’ll figure it out when I actually start that project.

Whoever will manage to put a full solution to communication between Gadgeteer (Hydra preferable) and and android will get a free beer from me.
I prefer hard cable connection (God knows how) to bluetooth.


Code is available here: Have fun using it.

Great man, thanks

Excellent! I can’t wait to try it out.