Changing the I2C pins on a FEZ Mini

Just a shot in the dark.

Is it possible to change the SDA and SCL pins on the Mini?

No problems if not - just makes it a little easieras a replacement for a Basic Stamp

Many thanks

On systems where I2C can be moved, then I2C is generated in software and this is not optimal for professional use.

On FEZ I2C uses dedicated open-drain pins and so the I2C pins can’t be moved

Hi Gus
Thanks for the answer. I sort of suspected that but just needed to confirm. Often there are a lot of hidden features that can be accessed by changing registry settings.

You were right re the I2B on a BS2. The I2C is only on the BS1 and the reference I was reading was about 2004. With the BS2 they use bit-bashing to do it.

I have already modified my SD21 Servo Controller board once so I could put a PicAXE 28x2 module in it and line up the I2C there, but unfortunately the PicAXE range can only handle 16bit maths and there a few situation where I need 32 bit. So now I’m moving up to FEX.

Again many thanks for your dedication and help