Changing Baud rate via I2C


I have an Alfat USB board connected to a system using a PIC with a 20MHz xtal.

I have been using I2C to communicate with the board. This is proving a bit slow for what I want. So I decided I would use the usart instead.

The problem is that my PIC can’t handle 115200 baud with a 20MHz Xtal - it would be difficult for me to run it any faster because of the application.

So I thought - no problem, I’ll use I2C to change the Baud rate for the Alfat board, then pull the reset pin low, reconfigure the interface pins and then restart the board. Then I would be able to communicate at a slower baud rate.

Seems good in theory but as soon as I change the baud rate (and get an acknowledgement from the board) I am no longer able to communicate with either I2c or the usart.

Can you offer any advice? I don’t want to have to configure the Alfat board ‘off board’ if I can help it.

Many thanks

Can you change the crystal on the PIC? I have often used even small PIC’s at 115200 baud, but you usually need to use the correct crystal. Something like or 11.059 Mhz or something like that. A faster crystal does not necessarily mean higher baud rate. The data sheets of the PIC usually have a table that shows exactly the ideal crystal to use.

We are looking into adding options for different baud rates to coming ALFAT 2.x firmware. Should be ready Q1 2014.

Hi Kiwisaner (New Zealander by any chance?)

I was looking into that after I posted - from Gus’s reply sounds like that is my only option at least until Q1 2014 :wink:

Looking at my usart calculator 22.1184 gives 0% error at 115200 so I’ll see if I can find one of those in my parts bin (digi-key)


@ peter truman -

That will not work.

how fast is it if you toggle a IO pin per seconds on your PIC?

if you are going to change baudrate from 9600<= baudrate <=115200, i am not sure which faster is, between i2C and UART.
As I remember, at 400KHz, I2C can reach up to 27-28KB/s while uart 115200 was about 10KB/s for writing

What fastest I2C freq you can config on your PIC?