Change Time in tinyclr

As there is no Utility class for TinyClr, is it a way to change current time on G80 ?

I try to make a clock.

@ Bauland - not at this time. Not all libraries have been added yet.

@ John - I know all Library have not be added, but I was hoping, it is a solution by set a register on cpu or Something like that.

I hope next release will include thèses libraries.

Hi What is the status of this feature ? I remember that in netmf 4.3 there was something like Utility.SetLocalTime(MyTime) have you got something instead of it ?

@ przemoga - nothing changed there. We are currently building the critical foundation of the OS and then adding additional ports. It wil probably be months before we start adding small features like time management.

And by the way, you can add this features yourself if you want. TinyCLR is now portable and extendable

Hi Gents,
I have discovered some strange shifts in DateTime.Now. When I am displaying DateTime.Now property every second I am reciving Date and Time in 1 seconds intervals but once per few minutes it is jumping 20~30 seconds ahead. Do you know anything about it ?

I am using:
TinyClr 0.3
Output is sth like that:

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This is normal in Detroit. All our clocks run like that!

I am just kidding of course. We will look into this immediately.

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Are you using the 0.3.0 firmware version? If so, can you retest using the latest 0.5.0?

yep, I tried with 0.5 but I had some problems with VS2017, Do I need update also VS2017 extension ?
When it comes to Detroit Time zone … Something is happening because timer are also faster ~20% (System.Threading.Timer). You have got fast pace in this region :wink:

Yes, you must also update to the 0.5.0 VS extension. During the alpha period the extension, library, and firmware versions must all match. So in this case you need to use 0.5.0 for everything.

Ok, so that was the reason, I will check it within the weekend and leave my feedback here. Thanks and all your team are doing great job :).

Ok I am editing this post third time and it last time:). I Checked it on 0.5 version and it is working without problems.
Problem resolved.