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Change Debug Interface



I want to use the USB Client on my FEZ Mini to transmit data to my PC (CDC). I read that this only works when USB is not used as debug interface. I also looked into the sample code for USB Client and this seems to be clear so far.
My question: How do I change the debug interface for FEZ Mini? I read that this can be done via HW on other devices (e.g. FEZ Domino) but I didn’t find anything for FEZ Mini.

Any help is highly appreciated!



There is a mode pin that you need to connect to ground…on any FEZ :slight_smile:

On mini, you will see it along with the SD pins


Thanks Chimpanzee!!!

That sure helped a lot. Now it’s working fine. I understood the docu in a way that what you have to do depends on the board you’re using.

Anyway, thanks again for your help!