Ch9 Video with Steve T

I just watched this and thought it was a good general update across the Windows 10 IoT state of play (not too much depth though)

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@ Brett - Well I liked the news to support the dragonboard … ;D

The Big ? is when ? I hope they take End-Of-Year not too literally

I do really hope they get the UART and DSI working …

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My personal view (even though I work for Microsoft, I know nothing official) would be serial will arrive before DSI for the Pi2, and I would guess significantly before it.

@ Brett - for both there is an alternative.

UART -> USB/Seriell converter
DSI -> HDMI, but looking at 1920x1200 with 7" LCD is somewhat, hm, let’s say, getting used to …

Oh, and my wireless keyboard from Logitech (K400) is working with the 10531 build. Before it was only the mouse that was properly working.

@ Andre - What about this one … must be familiar …