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CG status messages to output window... MAKE IT STOP!


I am using a FEZ Domino with the latest SDK and Firmware.

I wrote a small program which read a file from the internal micro SD card. The file was about 700 bytes long and contained about 30 lines.

I used a StreamReader and the ReadLine() method to read a line at a time.

Everything worked fine… But there were several debug outputs from the GC mechanism.

I did not do a Debug.GC() call.

I could not find a way to stop the unsolicited CG status to the output window. I checked the project properties and did a search on the web.

Anyone have an idea how to stop the GC output? It make it hard to read the messages I am sending to the output window.



You can’t stop them. This message is very useful to give you an idea of RAM usage levels. Plus it will tell you how good/bad your code is when ti comes to allocate/free objects. Ideally, you will make your application where it would never need to run the GC…in some cases you simply can’t.

See “thinking small” section in the book


I get this too, although I don’t have too much of a problem with it. Would it be possible to enable/disable it in the FEZ side code?


No it can’t be disabled. The output window is only used for debugging so does disabling those messages really help?


I’d consider moving the “real” messages to a serial output if that’s important to your app, rather than just being a debug status message?


Thanks for the reply to my question.

“The output window is only used for debugging so does disabling those messages really help”

I use the output window for debugging, so yes disabling those message would really help. My debugging messages are mixed in with the GC messages. That makes it really hard to read my messages.

But I will preface all of my messages with “***” so they will be easier to pick out of all the GC garbage.


kinda ironic gc messages need to be collected and thorwn out.


Those messages are very important and they do not effect performance.


So what does the following do then…

            Debug.EnableGCMessages( false );


The original post was made a few software releases ago. The method you showed was added at a later date. It does stop gc messages.


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