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Certificate store and private key protection



Is there a secure implementation of the certificate store from GHI ? Maybe more important, is there a secure implementation of a private key store ?

By secure I mean access protected by password and directory encrypted against reverse engineering or things like that (disassembling, …). Is GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.Configuration.TinyBooter.DisableApplicationAccess protecting the stores ?

Thanks for your answers


Yes, that method will completely lockout your software.

Now, remember that is impossible to make something 100% secure, on these devices or anything out there. GHI provides no guarantees but we did our best to test it out.


Hello Gus, thanks for your answer,

Related to this question, I wonder if DisableApplicationAccess can be disabled to do a software update ?


You are expected to have your own in-field update method, which should be encrypted and secure to fit your needs. Like customer updating the firmware from a USB memory stick or directly from your website.


Ok thank you for the answer Gus

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