CerbuinoBee chaining 8 Led Matrix module

I begin a new project with a CerbuinoBee and more Led Matrix module.
My question:
how many led matrix module can i chaining by daisy link on the CerbuinoBee ?
Is it possible to chaining 8 led matrix module and supply all the modules by the same socket and the CerbuinoBee?
Thanks for your answer.

The chaining of several LedMatrix modules works very well and power consumption is very low.
In my project I chain 10 LedMatrix modules and I have tested with 12 LedMatrix modules.

I initially used a CerbuinoBee board but in the final product I use a G120HDR board with Wifi-RS21 module and Usb Client DP module.
The power consumption is very low, all the modules can be supplied by the debug Usb suppy during test.

Software side, for scrolling, I used as a starting point the code of Blue Hair Bob on Codeshare: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/869

Attached some photos: inital test and final product


Very nice!

Are you using the LedMatrix modules in the final product?

@ mhectorgato - Yes the final product uses 10 LedMatrix drived by a G120HDR board

@ ChristianJack - Nice. I have had a few of the LED matrix modules in my cart for a while, unfortunately I never got around to ordering them before they where discontinued. Now seeing your project I regret not getting them. The final product looks very nice.

how do you change the scroll rate?