Cerbuino Bee - Using the Xbee and SD card modules

Can I treat the built-in SD and XBee components in the Cerbuino Bee as if they were Gadgeteer modules?

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Interesting question. Probably not as is, but it would be easy to make a “Gadgeteer compatible” driver based on the module’s driver code on codeplex. You will not be able to use it in Visual Designer, though. You will have to instantiate it manualy.

That sounds like something that will be out of my league for a while. I am an ancient sr. level .NET engineer, but have been teaching myself electrical engineering concepts microcontrollers for a couple months now.

Mainly motivated by do-it-yourself security and the Internet of Things.

But aside from that tangent… on the Cerbuino Bee. If I can’t read the bee as a gadgeteer module, how do I read the pins on it?

I’ve been able to read direct serial through COM1, but all I can do with that so far is send ascii from a different XBee.

Is there some setting to make some of the cerbuino input pins read from XBee output pins?

Gadgeteer drivers are no more than some C# code that wraps lower level NETMF classes and services. You can access all pins, serial ports and even SD card directly as shown by the tutorials under “Support”

We will be adding more info on this page in the next couple weeks GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

No, those are not connected. You would have to add a wire between them.

Then what’s the point of having it embedded on the micro controller? Is the COM port the only way they talk to each other?

The point of embedding it on the Cerbuino is convenience. XBees are a popular drop-in wireless solution. Yes, the COM port is the only option for controlling any XBee over a wire (or trace in this case).