Cerbuino Bee TinyBooter 4.2.6 Update Failed

I just received my Cerbuino Bee board and it powered up with TinyClr 4.2.3. I went to update it to 4.2.6 and followed the instructions on the Loader (TinyBooter) Update FEZ Cerberus page:

  1. Boot in loader mode.
  2. Did an erase.
  3. Loaded Tinybooter_4_2_6_0.dfu.
  4. Downloaded it.
  5. Recycled power.

Now nothing shows up in FEX_Config or MFDeploy under the USB tab. I have tried reloading the bootloader but same thing.

What should I try next?

Did you disconnect the LDR Jumper ?

Well, I got a good night sleep, then read the documentation more carefully and realized I skipped the Create from Map step. All is well now. Sorry to have taken up your time.

That seems like a common mistake. Happened few times to other users as well.