Cerbuino Bee shields and drivers

I am looking at the Cerbuino Bee to complete my GHI collection (its addictive).

I dont know a lot of Arduino details, but understand their shields are like Gadgeteer modules.

But if you use Cerbuino Bee and add a shield, where is the driver coming from, yourself? And where do one find tested shields, with any chance of corresponding drivers that might be usable in our world?

If it is a well established shield you might be lucky to find C# code for it already. If not it is usually not very hard to port/adopt existing Arduino code for it. Make sure to check here on forum if you have a particular shield in mind.

As far as where to get them. They are all over the internet. If you are looking for something in particular, I am sure somebody here can give you some tips.

It’s not as plug and play as most Gadgeteer modules, and not integrated into VS.

To find drivers, the best place would be the Codeshare section of this website. Otherwise you’re pretty much on your own. Most of the time you can take an Arduino driver and port it to .NETMF.

@ njbuch - Typically you will either need to write the drivers yourself or if you are lucky you might find some on codeshare, I have not personally looked so that might just be wishful thinking.

Depending on the shield, the complexity of writing a driver will vary, but I think it is a good way to become more familiar with NETMF and what it can/can’t do. I use a PARALAX Board Of Education Shield on my Cerbuino for prototyping and it works great.

Wauw, this community rocks, 1 minute and 3 great replies. I was specifically thinking of a GSM shield, and have already messed a bit with Byrons driver, so maybe that would be possible.

To expand the question, what if you put an Xbee module on it, is there any support for that?

There are several contributions on codeshare:


I and I am sure you can find tons of discussions in the forum as well:



Here is a good thread:


I’m currently working on a Cerbuino with Arduino shield (Sparkfun CANbus) project so hopefully I’ll have some code I can share with you soon.

This is my first NETMF project though, and I’m still learning C# too, so it’s coming along very slowly! Thankfully there’s plenty of stuff around here that people have already shared, so I’d like to add my own contribution…one day… :smiley: