Cerbuino Bee PCB adjustment

I think it would be good to make a little adjustment to elements placement in next version of Cerbuino Bee. XBee modules have four different versions of antennas. Three of them fit in Cerbuino with no problem: whip antenna, a low-profile chip antenna and a U.FL connector. XBee-PRO modules however can have a RPSMA connector and this version won’t fit. I didn’t measure but i think a little adjustment to USB connector and it will fit as well.

Good point. Thanks

@ Gralin
I will buy 4 Cerbuino Bees and 4 XBee-PRO with RPSMA connector, but see your post.
Does the Cerbuino Bees can’t fit the RPSMA- Xbee ?
For my project I should use this pro module, so do I wait the new version?

@ Tzu Hsuan - right now you can’t plug in XBee with RPSMA connector. You could replace the XBee pin sockets with something higher (like the arduino shield headers). Or you could plug in another female header into the existing one. Of course by doing that you won’t be able to put any shield on top of this.

You can still plug in the xbee module http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/314 or use cerberus

@ Gralin
Thanks, post it before I order it.
May GHI post this information to the order page?
Maybe some one buy the Cerbuino Bees but finding that can’t fit their xbee pro. They may not happy.
I will change my plan, thanks.

catalog description updated http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/351

@ Gus - maybe add to that description what you wrote here - in case of using RPSMA connector please consider using the gadgeteer xbee module (link).

Dear Gus, do you adjust the PCB of Cerbuino Bee ?
Because the xbee module + Cerberus+USB Client DP Module = 14.95+29.95+24.95 is more than only using Cerbuino Bee(39.95).
So I prefer to use the Cerbuino Bee.

I think all three mainboards in the Cerberus family could use a rev, to fix the RTC issues.


Did you fix this problem?
Because, I will order Xbee pro these days.
I need to know what type of xbee I should buy.
hurry please
Thank you very much.

there has been no other discussion about any mods to these devices; this was only a suggestion. So there may not be a revision, and even if there was you may not get that rev board if there’s a stock of existing ones…