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Cerbuino Bee I2C2 usage


I have a 4 to 20mA board that has an ADS1115 chip for interfacing. The board is in the Arduino layout so I have it connected as such. I clipped the 2 I2C pins for the board so they are not going to the wrong pins on the Cerb. I have jumped them over to the I2C2 pins on the other side. How do, or can, I use those pins instead for hardware I2C or do I need to use software I2C method?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


Yes software I2C works on any pins, just add pull up resistors.


So, I have to use softwareI2C to use the I2C2 pins? No way to use hardware? I’d like to use a 400khz rate. Will software I2C allow that?



You can use Hardware I2C if you put the data pin and the clock pin to their respective pins on both slave and master. However, you can use software I2C as Gus mentioned if you put pull-up resistors on the pins that would act as the I2C pins.