Cerbuino Bee I2C pins

I know that the Cerbuino Bee has been discontinued, but I am trying to figure out the I2C on this. I am sure my assumptions are correct but just posting this for others who may see the same thing and need clarification.

On the schematic there is PB6 and PB7 marked as I2C1 and these go to socket X2 but confusingly, PB8 and PB9 are also labelled as I2C1 and brought out on socket X3.

Now, as PB6 and PB7 go to X2 which is marked as an “I” capable socket, I am assuming this is the real I2C1 port and that PB8 and PB9, although technically can be I2C1 are simply labelled by mistake and should in fact not show I2C capability?

On the STM32F405 i2c1 capable pins are PB6-7 and PB8-9 hence the labelling on the schematic

On the Cerb they are mapped to PB6-7 so not available on PB8-9

Thanks for the clarification. To avoid any confusion it would best if they were not shown on the schematic as I don’t think you can actually select them in the NETMF code even if you chose the X3 socket.

Yeah, i also think removing them would help stop confusion.