Cerbuino Bee, Hibernate and PinCapture

I bought this board to play around with some radios and it got me to rethinking a project I am working on. I looked through the forum and found references to PinCapture and Low Power modes from about 8-9 months ago. In both cases is was suggested that the user implement these features.

Has anyone done this? If not, which product does support these functions?

Considering switching from a micro controller to an ARM7 with micro framework if the power budget works out.

I need:
1x PWM
1x input capture
4x 12bit ADC or SPI bus
uSD card
Ethernet (optional)

< ~100uA @ 3.3V in hibernate

Any suggestions? Did I explain myself enough?

Couldn’t help but further clarify.

Capture will be for frequencies <5kHz.

ADC does not have to be fast, just reading battery voltages and thermistor.


I am looking for this functionality too. Which would enable all STM32 based devices to have a ‘hibernate’ type mode?

I’d be keen to contribute, albeit with my limited experience :slight_smile:

These are on premium offers https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/netmf-offer-types however you can add to open source.