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Cerbuino Bee hangs & a reset crashes windows


Having an interesting one.

I had an issue last night with a Cerbuino Bee on Windows 8 x64. Cerb code was a basic ,NET app, the only peripheral was a camera (not a GHI one, a Linksprite). All on the latest 4.2 release including the cerb firmware & tinybooter.

Anyway, for some weird reason I suddenly could not deploy apps. I reset the board and poof! Windows 8 crashed dead. Rebooted, tried again, cerb still stuck, hit the cerb reset and windows went out again.

The cerb seems to get into some condition where a power cycle or reset wioll not get it back. If you try to deploy, and during the deploy you reset the cerb, Win 8 crashes out.

The fix is to redeploy the firmware and the cerb is fine again, until it gets back into that condition. I got it bak into that state again today. I have no idea how it gets there, at the point it gets stuck it is in a LED flashing loop.

Note also that powering on the cerb it does not execute the application code in that state, so the app code has been gutted. My guess is that it’s getting into this state somewhere during a deploy cycle.



It is a known issue. You can install WinUSB based driver which should eliminate BSOD on Windows. Or when it feels like it stuck during deployment make sure you Cancel Build/Deployment in Visual Studio first and then you can safely reset the board. There are some threads he where it was discussed before. I will try to find it.


Here are some of them:


Thanks again. The threads weren’t much help in finding the location of the winUSB drivers, but I found a wiki for them at:

Are these wikis actually indexed anywhere?