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Cerbuino Bee + Board Of Education Shield


I have ordered the Cerbuino Bee and a BOE shield. Out of interest, was wondering if anyone here has tried using these two devices together before? I found a few forum posts referring to the FEZMini and the BOE shield, but nothing for the Cerbuino Bee.

If they work well I am planning on ordering the BOE bot with the intent to use the Cerbuino as the brains.

BOE Shield:


I have used FEZ Mini with paralex boards before as it is pinout compatible with their BS2


Thanks Gus. I will post on my experience with the Cerbuino + BOE once I have them (hopefully by next weekend). I am looking forward to playing with the Cerbuino, I have been thinking of getting one for ages, I also ordered a few robot chassis from ebay, they however will take longer to arrive.