Cerbuino Bee and Bluetooth

I am trying to get the Bluetooth module running on a CerbuinoBee. I am running the Bluetooth sample code, but it appears that the Bluetooth device only goes into pairing mode momentarily. Not long enough to be able to pair with it.

RoSchmi in some of his Bluetooth posts says that “In pairing mode the red and blue LEDs of the bluetooth module blink alternating.” When I run the sample code, the red light blinks once when it hits EnterPairingMode. It does not keep alternating with the blue light, the red light only blinks once.


in my tests, pairing mode needed to be triggered by a delayed action. so I used a push button, let the module and Gadgeteer startup complete and stabilise, then press the button, and in the button pressed event handler entered pairing.

Yes thanks. I will give that a try.

I just thought that the sample code should work. But maybe it worked with an earlier version and hasn’t been updated?

the issue I have seen is the module takes time to be configured. the red/blue flashing is the giveaway, if its not doing that then the way you got into pairing mode didn’t work. Perhaps the original code was in a delayed start timer - anyway, it’s a situation you only need to handle once :slight_smile:

Hi, hvelo, Hi Brett
Happy new year.
I think that the official driver actually does not work on the Cerbuino Bee.
If you want me to help to get it running with my driver from Codeshare, please give me a feedback.

Thanks Roland. Happy New Year to you as well. Here’s wishing that 2014 is a great year for all!

I will implement the button method to see if that helps. The Bluetooth module isn’t on my critical path at the moment, I was just hoping it was plug-and-play…

Another question Roland about the micro SD card. I don’t see any specs on the cards you can run in the Cerbuino Bee microSD socket.

I noticed one of your posts that says that 1 GB sandisk worked fine, but 4 GB Toshiba did not, and implied that sticking with an “older” SD card is better…

So does that mean that an 8, 16 or 32 GB card is not going to work? How does one tell an “older” SD card from a newer one?

Very good year for you as well.
Concerning the SD-Card I only told my experience. I don’t know if it works with other Cards. If you still have an old 1 GByte SD-Card I would first try with this.
Concerning the bluetooth module I think it’s better if you try my Y.A. Bluetooth driver vom Codeshare. It should run out of the box.