Cerbuino and SignalGenerator

It seems that SignalGenerator can not be used with Cerbuino, Cerb40 and Cerberus.
With my Cerbuino i have an error “NotSupportedException”.

How to easily generate a signal to drive an infrared LED with Cerbuino?

I have already made the IR receiver and I have the recorded pulses in an array. Now I want to send the stored pulses.
I have follow this sample: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/208

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SignalGenerator is not a supported feature in the OSHW libraries. It is only available in the Premium libraries for EMX, USBizi, G120, and ChipworkX.

You could implement with RLPLite, but I would not call it an easy way of doing it.

You would be a hero if you could contribute an RLPLite version of SignalGenerator to the OSHW boards :smiley: