Cerbuino and Arduino ethernet

I purchased an Arduino ethernet shield from Radio Shack.

How can I use that with by Cerbuino Bee?

Cerbuino uses the ENC28J11 ethernet MAC/PHY, while the Arduino ethernet shield uses the WizNet W5100 MAC/PHY. You would need to write your own driver to use this shield, or I believe you could use the mIP project.

What version is the shield?

This wiki page has some info on how to connect the shield and the link find the code

@ Architect, that modification works for Panda, Panda II, and Domino, which all use W5100 (FEZ Connect uses this same chip). The Cerbuino runs on the Cerberus firmware, which uses the ENC28J60 chip.

It says Shield Model Ethernet R3

@ godefroi - You are right.

I have to get me Cerbuino on next order. :slight_smile:

If it’s an actual Arduino ethernet shield, it’ll have the WizNet chip on it. The older FEZ boards used this chip, so their firmware has support built-in for it (Panda, Panda II, Domino, i.e. everything based on USBizi).

Newer boards (Hydra, Cerberus, Cerbuino, Cerb40) have firmware that uses the ENC28J60 chip. There are Arduino ethernet shields with this chip on it (generally much cheaper) such as these:


I imagine the Cerbuino could be made to work with these, but it might require modifications to get the pins lined up right, because the firmware does not allow one to dynamically choose the pins used.

Love that price! Wish I would have seen that before.

I’m going to try the MIP project I guess for now.

I just looked and it says WIZNet W5100

If you like that price, you’ll love this one:


$4.71 shipped. This will work with Cerbuino directly, given suitable cable work.

Completely forgot about those shields! Yeah those will be a good option. I believe SPI is in the same spot so you may only need one or two wires added. Of course we can make this dynamic in future so there will be no need for rewiring.

The official plug-and-play just-works-guaranteed ethernet module is here: http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/333

Sweet, will that small one work as a webserver also like the other one says?

Yes, they’re all the ENC28J60 chip, and support is provided right in the firmware.

Wow, I’m kind of shocked. What’s so special about this $45 shield I bought that justifies the cost?

It says “Arduino” on it. Note that the WIZNet chip itself is MUCH more expensive than the ENC28J60 chip. That is because it’s a much more complex chip. It’s a MAC, a PHY, and a TCP/IP stack all in one chip. The ENC28J60 is just a MAC and a PHY. Simpler, smaller, cheaper.

The ENC28J60 chip also seems to be much more common, so larger volumes mean lower prices and wider availability.

So are you saying the ENC28J60 can’t do standard TCP/IP without you writing your own TCP/IP stack?

Or without a TCP/IP stack that supports it. Which netmf has on larger devices.