Cerbot gets Bluetooth 4.0

Cerbot meets Bluetooth Smart, a Samsung Slate running a Windows 8.1 WinRT app and 2 young pilots.

After witnessing their fine driving skills i am hiding my car keys for a very long time :whistle:



excellent, will showcase shortly

That is definitely worthy and by the time those fine young lads are driving, they just might be using something other then a traditional steering wheel.

Nice! What’s the max range?

Cool, do you have leapmotion ?
Show me using the leapmotion and BT4 to control the car.

Very cool. Why is that much delay?

@ dominik38 - because the gyro data is being sent via a relatively slow timer

Not sure, i have gone out to about 10m thru 2 office plaster board walls ok.

@ Tzu Hsuan - don’t have a leap…

I do. Don’t have a BT SMART module yet, though… :wink:

here it is https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/showcase