Cerberus UART

Hello All,

I cannot believe I am about to ask this but… anyone know how to create a SIMPLE UART in my cerberus board using .netmf 4.3 and SDK 2015 R1?

seriously… just the uart… the point is that i just need the 3 cables (tx,rx,gnd) so im using a breakout board, but i havent been able to find which class is the correct one, i have looked into namespaces:
gadgeteer.interfaces–> it doesnt exist
gadgeteer.socketinterfaces --> has the class serial but its not the object, as i understand it it is only a way to control an already created serial port
system.io.ports–>in theory it has a serialport class but for some reason it says that it doesnt exist in the context.
and well…
but no success… maybe am i becoming stupid or there was a big change in the latest release and i havent been able to catch it?

Reference Gadgeteer.Serial.dll

then you should have…

Gadgeteer.Interfaces.Serial class.

To clarify, this is only f you want to use the Gadgeteer wrappers. I think it is best to go directly to NETMF.

Add the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Serialport and then using System.IO.Ports


i this is what i meant, ive been trying to do this and it doesn work, i cannot use it as a namespace nor even find it as part as the gadgeteer collection (see attached image)

trying with the without the gadgeteer wrappers, and will let you know, but still interested in why doesnt it work?

@ andre.m - hello, 4.3

@ andre.m - yes, it is, and inside there is a “serial” class, but apparently its an abstract one because it cannot be instantiated

@ Ingcuervo - You can take a look at one of our serial based drivers for Gadgeteer and see how we do it: https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/gadgeteer/src/28aaf8776900e473740f206c602ab0857904d48d/Modules/GHIElectronics/USBSerial/USBSerial_43/USBSerial_43.cs?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default