Cerberus + Seeed OLED module

Will the Seeed OLED module actually work with Cerberus?

I looked in the code while using it with a Hydra, and a lot of memory is used, along with WPF. This seems to place it outside the Cerberus usability circle. In one function two byte arrays are used, one of 65K, one of 32K…

This gripes me a bit, as everytime someone says they need a display for the Cerberus then they get pointed to the OLED module… :frowning:

And I told a guy to buy the Cerberus kit + OLED module, because of all the forum feedback… :frowning:

Excellent question. We were waiting to complete the firmware first to see how much ram we have left and then add details to wiki page as Cerberus doesn’t have a lot of ram so special care is needed.

The good news is that it works but a special driver maybe needed. Details come very soon.

Good news! :slight_smile:

Was worried I told someone to buy an expensive paperweight… :slight_smile:

The current driver also inherets from WPFRenderOptions.Intercept, and uses the Bitmap class, so the driver will have to be rewritten…

i got a OLED module.
Is the driver finished?