Cerberus RLPLite Issue

I’m trying to run the RLPLite demo on the Cerberus and getting nowhere. As soon as i try to invoke RLP_MemSet it just disconnects and dies. I’ve updated as follows:

R/O Base: 0x2001A000
R/W Base: 0x2001C000

            // Load code
            byte[] binfile = Resources.GetBytes(Resources.BinaryResources.ArMF);
            AddressSpace.Write(0x2001A000, binfile, 0, binfile.Length);
            binfile = null;

            RLPLite.Procedure RLP_MemSet = new RLPLite.Procedure(0x2001a0bc);
            const int ARRAYSIZE = 100;
            byte[] byteArray = new byte[ARRAYSIZE];
            int[] length = new int[1];
            length[0] = ARRAYSIZE;
            byte[] value = new byte[1];
            value[0] = 1;
            RLP_MemSet.Invoke(byteArray, length, value);

From the MAP:

RLP_MemSet                               0x2001a0bc   ARM Code      52  rlplite.o(.text)

What to do?

Nevermind. I figured it out with the help of: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/553

RLP Clear & Flush OLED 20x: 0.62728799999999996 seconds
Managed Clear & Flush OLED 20x: 17.8441568 seconds

Yes…that is over 30FPS on the Cerberus w/ the OLED using RLPLite. :wink:

Sweet :slight_smile:

When I have my new board powered by the Cerb running Arduino & basic 3D I expect GHI to pick it up :wink:

All you are doing will go perfect on the new ____ device. I can’t wait to put one in your hands :wink:

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