Cerberus pin mapping

Is there any chance I could get the Cerberus socket pin mapping? This is for my project to build a Cerb40 prototyping platform. I don’t need the whole schematic, just the list of which pins are wired up in which socket.

It will be more confusing than helpful. We will post the complete schematics instead.

OK, that works as well. Thanks, Gus!

Godefroi : can this help you ?

It’s the first revision and may not be correct. So if anyone wants to correct or reports things to change, he’s welcome.

Ca fait une partie du problem, mais, helas, c’est la partie que j’avais déjà. J’ai besoin de la corrélation
entre les “pins” et les “sockets” pour faire les liens entre le module Cerb40 et ses “sockets” Gadgeteer.

Imagine that said with a heavy French-African accent.

The Cerb40 developer page gives the module’s pinout, but I was hoping to be able to have normal Gadgeteer sockets on the prototyping board I’m laying out, and to do that, I’d need to know which CPU pins (Cerb40 pins) are present in each Cerberus socket.

@ Bec a fuel - You rock! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!