Cerberus not responding


I just received my Cerberus basic kit. I connected provided USB Client SP to Gadgeteer socket 1 and with provided cable to my notebook. On Cerberus ref LED named PWR is on, but in my Windows 7 x64 noting happens. In device manager not even tree refresh azures. A tried to change USB cable, I tried different USB ports, also different computer and also USB Client DB with 7.5V power connected. No response in Windows device manager. Im also using Spider and Panda II on same Windows 7 computer without any problems. What else can I do?
Thank you for your help.

You have to match sockets by Letter. SP module is ā€œDā€ socket which is socket No 8 on Cerberus.

:). I missed that letter D and connected it to socket 1 like Spider. Now it works!

Thank you for your help and really quick response.

You are welcome!