Cerberus in Gadgeteer-Designer

Hello everybody,

my name is Jonny and this is my first post.
I want to code for Gadgeteer. I came from Netduino but i dont like wiring / soldering.
Netduino Go! has not that modules i need…

So i seached for Gadgeteer and i like it.

I bought modules and a mainboard —> Cerberus.

Its on the way…
So i startet a Project in VS. Its very nice to see a GUI for Hardware setup.
But I’m missing the Cerberus.
Or can i use FEZ Spider or Hydra?

How can i add it to my Project?

I searched in the forum but cant find any solution.

Thanks for help.

Greets from Bavaria/Germany

Welcome to the community!

Please see the big red warning at the bottom of the Cerberus product page.


Welcome to the community!

We are expecting full integration with VS soon. For now we all worked with it as a general NetMF device without using Gadgeteer core.

Thanks for the fast reply.

OK, i read it, but interpret it:
“we are develop updates…”

In my thinking i mean its the first gadgetgeer mainboard… but now i understand its the new :slight_smile:

I can wait :slight_smile:


It should be available in one week

Any news?

Been available for while! Look under beta forum.