Cerberus hw.rev1.1. board firmware update problem

Has anyone succeeded in updating tinybooter to 4.3.4 on the version 1.1. of the Cerberus board?

I had hoped for the new R3 release would solve the problem, but not in the first few tries…

yes, I just updated my Cerberus board v1.1 and works very well. :think:

Likewise. 4.3.3 did not work (for any cerb board that I have), 4.3.4 does. I’ve done it on two first gen Cerb40s.

Hmm, still same old problem with v1.1 now tried on several machines - including old ones.

The STDFU Tester program stops in the erase activity at 0800xxx like earlier reported.

How can I know if the board is the problem?

Error. Detailed situation:
Operation:                   3
ErrorCode:                   1234500A
Percent:                     8
dwTag:                       00000028
szDevLink:                   \\?\usb#vid_0483&pid_df11#345c374f3231#{3fe809ab-fb91-4cb5-a643-69670d52366e}
wTransferSize:               2048
LastDFUStatus.bStatus:       11
LastDFUStatus.bState:        10
LastDFUStatus.iString:       0
LastDFUStatus.bwPollTimeout: 0
CurrentRequest:              10000000
CurrentNBlock:               0
CurrentLength:               5
CurrentAddress:              08000000
CurrentImageElement:         0

ping :whistle:

@ njbuch - It seems like the flash on the chip might be damaged

Same idea with John.

but you can try another way to know,

Find UART1 or UART3, use Flash Loader Demo application from ST.
This application also allows to erase / unlock “read/write” protect.

Thanks guys for getting back on this. I think I will ditch it. :’(

@ Dat - not sure what you mean. Is it dfusedemo.exe you mean?

No, it is a tool that you can program STM32F over serial instead of usb port.
just google “Flash Loader Demo” and download from ST page, latest version is 2.6.0 but 2.4.0 still OK.

this tool can not transfer a DFU file but by using this tool, you can erase flash.