Cerberus Hard Reset?

Hi All;

My Cerberus board has gone non-responsive, I have a light on the mainboard, the connected ethernet module has a link and blinking activity lights, but when I go to deploy to it I get 59 iterations and a failure message, can anyone advise on how to hard reset it?

When this happens, it usually means that your program has gone into a tight loop, and the debugger is unable to attach to the device.

First, I would try to erase the program using MFDeploy. If this does not work, because MFDeploy is unable to attach, then reload the firmware.

During development, it helps to add a button to your program. During initialization, check to see if the button is depressed. If it is, then go into an indefinite Thread.Sleep(). So, if you have a repeat with the current situation, you boot the device while the button depressed.

An exception occurring right after boot can also cause this condition.

Thanks. Oddly enough I had only a 60s thread and a webserver running, but I have managed to reload it and get it back to some degree.