Cerberus firmware development effort

The Cerberus firmware sources have now been released, and at least some are working on them. This is a very exciting time, as this is a very capable platform.

The community efforts surrounding the firmware, however, could be better organized. I would like to make a few proposals that I believe would make it easier for those interested to contribute.

[ulist]I think it would be beneficial to have, somewhere, a repository for the firmware source code. Because most (all?) of us do NOT have rights to commit to the main NETMF repository, it will be necessary to host this somewhere else. It could be on GHI’s servers, or it could be somewhere such as SourceForge that offers free hosting for OSS projects. This would make it easy to share contributions and ensure that as people drift in and out of the project, any work they have done are not lost forever. It would also make it easier to contribute changes back to the community.
I believe that somewhere, in the wiki or elsewhere, an issue tracking database should be set up. This would allow a newcomer to easily see how he/she could contribute. It would also make it clear to someone desiring to use the Cerberus/Cerb40 hardware what the current limitations are. Those who are using the hardware but not working on the firmware could report issues so that potential developers would know where efforts would be best directed.[/ulist]

I think its possible better to wait up til GHI pushes the sources to codeplex and the make a fork from there


I agree. If it’s time to contribute, it’s time to push out the code. Codeplex also provides the bug tracking features you’re looking for.

If you use Git on Codeplex, you get a bunch of other nice features too.