Cerberus + extender + TLC5940 LED driver


I’m trying to create a 16 LED fading effect with my Cerberus and a TLC5940. I’ve found a lot of examples for Arduino but with different configurations with different use of BLANK, VPROG and others pins.
Can someone explain or point me at articles, examples or documentation to achieve this with NETMF?


Hiya, i do you need help with wiring it up and code or just code?

I think that with an help with code I can wire it up.

I know there are 5 pin to connect: SCLK, SIN, BLANK, XLAT, GSCLK, but how to drive them by code to create a simple fade?


@ danyolgiax - Looking at the data sheet its a bit of a faff compare with something like the WS2803 - are you tied to this chip?
I would assume it’s similar to the WS2801/3 - have a look here: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/259

I think this chip uses SPI interface that TLC5940 doesn’t provieds! :frowning:

ermmm - think it is SPI…

Yes! Sorry! you’re right ! It’s SPI!

If you don’t have any joy i have a boat load of WS2803’s on the way and even a module for doing what you are attempting… :wink:

I’ve found here a lot of info:

I’ll try this way and I’ll write here if and how it works!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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