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Cerberus ethernet (enc28) SPI shared bus problem (again)


When the enc28 is alone on the spi bus, there is absolutely no problem.
When it shares the bus with another S module on socket 5, I noticed that as soon it reacquires the bus, it has a 2-3s delay before doing anything.
Is that delay normal ? Should I provide details to recreate the situation ?


When ENC runs, it disables interrupts. So it is possible you will have delays but the delays should be in milliseconds, not seconds!


The delay I’m talking about is not about other spi devices but about the enc28 itself, when it reacquires the bus, and reopen a tcp socket for example. Is by chance the spi switch back and forth on the enc28 causing a reset of the whole stack each time ? that could explain the delay.


Try a simple example, which you can analyze on wireshark maybe. I am not sure why this is happening.