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Cerberus Driver Source


I’m looking all the files for the open source Cerberus board, but I can’t find the source code for its drivers. Can you please point me to the driver source? Not the NETMF Porting Kit driver source though, I need to recompile the open source FEZ drivers.


Do you mean Gadgeteer Mainboard class for Cerberus?


No, I mean the Windows Drivers.


I am sorry, still confused.
Anyways right now there is only firmware available.
The SDK should be available soon, check Latest News forum for announcement.

You can still use Cerberus with the alpha firmware. There are examples on this page:


If you mean USB debugging interface drivers. It is the same one available in NETMF porting kit.


if you have installed the GHI drivers and plug in cerberus, its just works… :slight_smile:



I had had the GHI drivers installed from when I got my Panda II (a year or so ago), and it just worked with the Cerb40.