Cerberus doesn't respond

My mainboard can’t more be detected when plugged !

LED are as usual.

I can’t access it neither in BOOT mode.

What can I do ?

What I’ve tried: change pc, change usb cable, add power source (with dp module). :wall:

I suggest you go through the troubleshooting guide and let us know what you find please, found on the support page.

Things are not so bad …

I finally can start in BOOT mode. So I reload the loader.
I’ve add an hub.

But CLR seems to be unreliable: lots of deconnections, can’t work with VS.
With Fez Config, it detects card one time, another time it can’t.

Any chance you had some updates recently? I had some problems like that at one point with the Hydra boards and it was the version of the USB driver that was being used.

what operating system? USB2 or USB3?

On my surface,i’ve only one usb 3 and I never could do it works.
On my pc, I’ve only usb2 port. This is the one I use to develop.

My OS is W7 x64 pro.

Of the cables changed, have you tried to change the gray Gadgeteer cable?

Cerberus is back !!!

Why ? I don’t really understand. With Dfuse I reloaded bootloader few times, and with fez config, I reloaded tinyclr. Just one thing that seems to be buggy is the reboot clr. When I do that one time three I have to unplugged usb and power source wait a little and connect back.

One thing, I should have mention perhaps is I use netmf 4.3 with 2014-R3 beta.

I’ve tried to change grey cable, but it didn’t change anything.

Cerberus is gone away …

I have a serial-usb module, I don’t know if I can use it with flash method ?

Cerberus seems to be definitively dead :’(

No BOOT access. No STM in DFU detect by system. When I press boot switch before plugging Cerberus mainboard and release it after plugging, it says it can’t recognised device (Capture 2): USB\UNKNOW in device id (Capture 1).

Drivers seems to be ok (Capture 3). check cable one, two, … ten times !

What can I do ?

It’s not loaded the driver as shown in your first capture (hence the ‘Unknown Device’


Thanks for give an eye at my problem.

I have try to force driver (Capture 4) (so driver is correctly installed, isn’t it ?).
I have an error with code 10 (capture 5 & 6).

I always has USB\unknown (Capture 7)…

Cerberus is perhaps not totally dead …

With Serial-Usb module on socket 6, and USB-DP on 1 for power, I can read and write on flash memory with flash loader demonstrator from STM.

So I can put loader (extract with dfu file manager to s19 format) and try to put firmware and config too (hex file are s19 file instead).

But always usb\unknown device … :’( It could be driver, but I don’t understand which step I could have forget. I’m on W7 - 64bits and after some reinstallation of SDK I am now with 2014 R1 SDK.

I’ll continue investigations tomorrow. If someone could send me a total image (in s19 file) from a working Cerberus, I could be certain that the cause is driver and not the firmware.