Cerberus/Cerb40 ethernet

Cerberus and Cerb40 are supposed to have ethernet via the ENC28J60 module, but this code:


returns an empty array. How to work with the ethernet interface?

Please take a look at FEZ Cerberus developer’s wiki (firmware status):

I’d seen that, but I hoped that ethernet was “probably-not-working” because of the SPI status, instead of “completely-unimplemented”.

Bummer, but I’ll wait.

By the way, when the page says “needs more tweaking”, is there any more information on that? Something that a 3rd-party developer could go on? A test suite, or at least an example of something that doesn’t work, but should?

This is only couple weeks old. We will provide much more soon from our end and as ti is open source, the community can help as well.

I’d love to help, but “needs more tweaking” isn’t much to go on.

UART Only COM2 is currently supported
SPI Tested to work with OLED module but needs more tweaking
I2C Locks up

When the new firmware to ensure that the SPI and I2C are stable?

As this is open source, this is a GHI plus community efforts. I say about a month and things can be in beta stage.

Welcome to the community.