Cerberus Board not recognized

Yes, windows update does search the internet for drivers. The thing I am seeing is the cerberus is not even recognized as a usb device. My Spider and Hydra seem to work fine. I am almost thinking that the Cerberus is fried, the only thing that gives me hope that it isn’t is the fact that with ST mode it boots and I can apparently do firmware updates.

@ darynk

You are doing everything correctly and this should not be happening. It seems that the firmware is getting corrupted at some point either before or during the installation; I would suspect the latter because you tried two different ones with the same result. Perhaps your only option right now is to get an RMA for the board.


I have 3 cerberus. One cerberus is now with the same problem. I can replace the TinyBooter (with the boot) but MFDeploy cannot find the cerberus. The description USB is “Unknown Device” in Windows.

So this card is fried ?


Try different USB port.